About us

11 years ago, Luis made a decision that would change the shape of early childhood across Latam, and later, the world.

He co-founded his first venture, Advenio. The first company to build and operate Corporate Sponsored Early Learning centers in multiple countries across the region, which grew to 26 centers in Mexico and Colombia.

While there, he saw the emotions - guilt, pride, happiness - that parents felt when they left their children at childcare. The desire to be involved in their babies' development, and frustration due to the limited time they got to spend together. How could they make the most of their interactions?
That's how kinedu was born. A solution for parents.

Helping parents spend more quality time with their babies, by having a proactive toolkit in the palm of their hands; feeding them information, ideas, knowledge, and tools for them to play.

Since the beginning, Luis has expressed the importance of being an active and engaged parent, but the concept became much more real to him in 2016 when he became a parent for the first time.

We know parenting is unpredictable, tough, delightful, blissful... every emotion wrapped into a fleeting moment. So, we're here to help you savor every last minute, and along the way support your child's story, writing the best first chapter possible.

What makes Kinedu different?

We're not just a baby tracking app, or a milestones checklist app. Yes, we cover milestones in our app - but along the way we developed Kinedu Skills® (partnering with Prof. Michael Frank at Stanford University), and developed a new way to look at development. Kinedu doesn't just provide a "yes-or-no" viewpoint into development; our model allows us to provide growth charts for every skill in the four developmental areas - cognitive, social emotional, linguistic, and physical. This allows us to show you that development highly variable, interdependent... and somewhat unpredictable.

We can tell you what happens next. We can't tell you what happens tomorrow.

We can tell you which milestones are actually "behind" and what's just the normal variability in development.

We can provide more insights into development that give you peace of mind that things are on track, and even if they're not, why it's ok, but most importantly what you can do about it.

Our milestone model feeds into our recommendation algorithm and recommends playtime activities and learning content for you and your baby. Sometimes, we will ask you to repeat a few games - repetition is the way neuron pathways are strengthened. Other times, we'll provide activities that challenge your baby's skills (and temper!). Don't worry - trust the process; most of the times our Daily Activity Plans will feel just right.

If you ever need help, you can always write to hello@kinedu.com and our team of developmental experts will be there to help.

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