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Over the last 7 years, we’ve become the go-to parenting resource for
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Kinedu offers you the guarantee that everything you see in our app has been reviewed by experts.

All play activities are designed by a team of in-
house psychologists, plus all classes are created and given by specialists in their area of expertise.

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We are the only app that:

  • Is supported by MIT, through MIT Solve
  • Has a multiple-year research partnership with Stanford University
  • Is recommended by Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child as a resource for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic

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families trust kinedu

“I feel more equipped ... to see how I can help [my baby] reach the next milestone. I feel like I’ve developed a sort of intuition for how to support his development. It has been a confidence builder.”

- Carlisle

“The support from the experts has been amazing, and hearing that other parents have the same concerns is encouraging. Having one-
on-one access to a specialist really made me feel it was very valuable, so I’m excited to have these things available.”

- Kelly

“Kinedu brought everything together in a way that makes sense in terms of all the resources, plus the videos that you need, plus information from other parents, plus if you had questions. I can get a book and put it online, but that is very different from someone being responsive on chat etc. I read books that were great, but this doesn’t show me how to do anything. It just says “do that,” but then what does that even mean.”

- Maria

“I started Kinedu because I wanted to have a good start for my baby. (...) I really loved the daily activities on the app, that as she progressed the activities changed automatically. (...) It’s a great platform to make sure your baby is on the right track. It teaches you how to play intentionally with your baby.”

- Hope G.