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More sleep for you and your little one

Building healthy sleep habits & routines during the first years of your baby's life can be challenging. Learn how to best tackle your current sleep struggles & goals through coaching sessions with Valeria Jasso, our certified sleep expert.

Valeria offers 30 and 60 minute consultations, as well as a 6-week program to get your baby sleeping through the night

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Sleep better with Valeria and kinedu

Learn how to

  • Understand sleep science, brain development, and their impact on infants, toddlers, and adults.
  • Recognize that sleep is as fundamental as nutrition for optimal daytime performance, playing a role in learning capabilities and memory functions.
  • Identify sleep patterns to manage and promote healthy sleep hygiene.
  • Break free from sleep myths around the use of pacifiers, transitioning to solid foods, and naps vs. nighttime sleep.
  • Get your sleep back! There is a lot to know in this new life stage, so understanding the ins and outs before your baby comes may help you set better expectations and stay clear of comparing your baby’s sleep to others.

1:1 coaching just for you, with Valeria

30 minutes

If you have a particular question around sleep on your mind and can't seem to find a reliable answer, this option is for you. Valeria will give you a science-based solution, followed by professional tips you can follow.

One 30 minute video call
Follow-up with useful resources!

$45 per session

60 minutes

Need a little more time?
This option is for you if you have a better idea of which changes you'd like to see when it comes to your baby's sleep habits. Valeria will explain the science behind these changes and give you practical strategies to implement right away for the sleep issues you're experiencing.

One 60 minute video call
Follow-up with useful resources!

$85 per session

6-week program

Is everything related to sleep time beginning to feel overwhelming in your household?

This option is for you if you need a customized sleep plan and ongoing support from Valeria to implement it. Valeria will provide weekly followups and constant communications with you!

Two 45 minute 1:1 Coaching Session
Four Q&A group sessions
Personalized Digital Sleep Log
30 minute follow-up call

$375 per program