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Language development through play

Reaching milestones is how parents, know if their baby is ‘on-track’ or not hitting specific markers which can be worrisome.

Let us help you make sense of this stage through individual coaching sessions with a language development expert.

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Meet our Expert: Alejandra Amorrortu

She studied Special Education - Learning and Language difficulties. She has experience working with children with developmental disorders as a teacher, and as a Language and Learning therapist. She also has vast experience working with children learning a second language and bilingual children.

1:1 coaching just for you, with Alejandra

30 minutes

If you have a particular question on your mind and can't seem to find a reliable answer, this option is for you. Ale will explain topics related to language development and strengthen these skills through play. From late talkers to bilingualism in the first year of life she has easy to implement strategies and activities to support your child´s development.

One 30 minute video call
Follow-up with useful resources!

$35 per session