Meet our expert:

Andrea obtained a Masters in Education and has never stopped working with kids. She has worked with babies and young children with developmental delays and disabilities, as well as with typical developing children.

Support your baby's development through play

Reaching milestones is how parents, know if their baby is ‘on-track’ or not hitting specific markers which can be worrisome.

Let us help you make sense of this stage through individual coaching sessions with a child development expert.

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Your baby on track, with Andrea and kinedu

Learn how to

  • Learn what milestones are, how and when they should happen.
  • Understand the science behind brain and motor development and their impact on achievement of all developmental skills.
  • Identify ways you can support development, and where you might be hindering progress.
  • Bust developmental myths with knowledge around playtime, and more specifically, tummy time.
  • Set new expectations regarding the importance and quality of each developmental step and your role during this process.

1:1 coaching just for you, with Andrea

30 minutes

If you have a particular question on your mind and can't seem to find a reliable answer, this option is for you. The first years of life are key for babies' brain development and vital for future learning and behavior, Andrea loves passing on her knowledge to parents eager to play and learn with their children.

  • One 30 minute video call
  • Follow-up with useful resources!

$35 per session

Support your baby's first few months with Kinedu and Andrea.