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Breastfeeding: Basics

15 video lessons

For those mothers who choose to breastfeed, and partners who want to support them,
learn a few science-based strategies to understand more about breastfeeding.
Our collection covers breastfeeding positions, latch techniques, and recommended accessories

  • Understand Breastfeeding (latching, position, challenges, accessories, etc)
  • 6 Kinedu activities related to Feeding
  • How-to Videos on Storing and Thawing
  • Open resources

$15 for lifetime access

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Breastfeeding: Challenges

17 video lessons

Sometimes, breastfeeding becomes complicated and we come across challenges we don’t have the answers for. It can be tough, lonely, and frustrating for mothers who want to breastfeed or partners who want to understand how to help. Learn and dispel common myths, frequent issues, milk supply, feeding techniques, and other topics that will provide you the first step of support.

  • Schedules, Breast & Nipple issues, Latching, abnormal supply, mixed feeding
  • 5 Feeding Specific Kinedu Activities
  • How-to Videos on Storing and Thawing
  • Open resources

$15 for lifetime access

ABC's of Bottle Feeding

14 video lessons

Bottle feeding is a new world for parents, and can be particularly overwhelming when trying to transition.
Our library collection focuses on helping navigate all aspects of bottle feeding: from expert-recommended bottles and accessories, milk ounces, feeding schedules, to moving towards solid foods.
Each video will provide you with bite-size information to help navigate this part of your caretaking journey.

  • Understand Bottlefeeding (schedules, bottle and breast feeding, pumping and storing, etc)
  • 6 Kinedu activities related to Feeding
  • Open resources

$15 for lifetime access

Newborn Care 101

13 video lessons

Bringing a new baby home is equal parts excitement, wonder, and frustration. While you’ve put so much time and research into what to take to the hospital or adoption site, it’s equally valuable to know what’s around the corner! Our experts will guide you through newborn sleep, common challenges with breastfeeding, and play sessions for those early days. We want to make your new family member’s transition to home as seamless as possible.

  • Making Sense of the Newborn Phase (Challenges, Hygiene, Sleep, Baby Massage, Bonding)
  • 6 Feeding Specific Kinedu Activities
  • Open resources

$15 for lifetime access

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